The Walt Weekly - Podcast

Host: Walter Latham

Introduction to Walt Weekly

 The Mission of The Walt Weekly

  • Add Value by providing information and insight into matters impacting our day-to-day lives both personally and professionally
  • Leverage the experience gained by Walt to hopefully contribute to the betterment of people of color
  • Invites guest that will contribute to our awareness
  • Cover topics that are not readily available
  • Shine a light on areas other than entertainment
  • Consult with those in need of guidance to further their corporate and personal aspirations or learning to be your best self


Specific areas 

  • Issues we deem necessary for discussion
  • Changing Mind-sets- This is critical to our success
  • Political issues
  • Socio-economic
  • Threats we may face as minorities
  • Corporate America
  • Financial Services
  • Project Management
  • Interviews with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs’)
  • Consultations with groups and one-on-ones will be provided when possible with those looking to make a difference
  • Current Events and their impact
  • Our goal is to remain apolitical, but we will take positions where applicable

 Thanks for joining us and we are looking forward to having you on board. We have a lot to learn and discuss. We want to add value to your lives and if not, leave you with an impression that things will only get better when you take charge of your life. This is done by being able to see the landscape. My job is not to lecture you but to enlighten you. Again guys, thanks for joining this very important endeavor.

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